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February 17, 2007

My Agloco Network

* My AGLOCO Network on 1 April, 2006*

Believe me this is not an APRIL FOOL ;-)

You can see the progress i m making...
My rank is now in top 0.98% among all members...

* Its just one month since i joined AGLOCO*

I joined Agloco on January 10th 2007. It is exactly 1 month and 7 days today. My network has grown from 1 (myself) to 172.

Thanks to all who support me in growing my Agloco network tremendously ... and my share too.

According to Simmons Report: AGLOCO I would earn 172 x $30 = $5,160 worth of shares.

The report states that each member would earn between $5 to $15 a month if the Viewbar is turned on for at least 5 hours a month. For illustration purpose, if each member earns $10 a month, therefore, I would earn (if all referrals turn on the Viewbar for 5 hours a month) :

$10 + 25% x (172 x $10) = $440 every month.

OK. If $10 a month is too high for a new company like Agloco, let's say we only earn $5 a month. If my referrals do not leave Agloco and they turn on the Viewbar for 5 hours a month, I will end up earning $225 every month.

You will realize by now that having a lot of referrals than having no referral at all makes a lot of difference. If you have no referral at all, you will only earn $5 a month. There are many people who have many many more referrals out there. See Agloco TOP GUN for comparison.

It is still NOT too late to join AGLOCO and start building your own network. Why don't you make a decision NOW? It could be the start of your exciting journey towards financial freedom!

To join Agloco, please click HERE

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Don"t you find what are you looking for ?